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  • Why Should Eye Care Should be Delivered in a Nursing Setting?

When an individual becomes a resident of a skilled nursing facility, transportation out of the facility for medical care can be difficult, expensive, and sometimes dangerous. Whenever possible, it is probably best to have the individual’s medical care delivered entirely within the facility.

  • How is Medical Error Reduced with Mobile Care?

Mobile nursing home eye care ensures that record keeping is more complete. Outside physician offices often return only minimal documentation of the service rendered and plan of care. This increases the possibility of medical errors, the institution of incorrect orders, and follow-up care not being delivered as planned. Also, the outside physician often does not have access to the patient’s complete medical history and record, may not be aware of the patient’s full medical status, or of other attending medical professionals pertinent data on file.

  • Why is Mobile Examination Equipment More Appropriate?

Many nursing home residents have moderate to severe physical limitations that may prevent them from utilizing traditional examination equipment or examination techniques. Mobile examination equipment is designed specifically to be used with these types of patients.

  • How Does Environment Impact a Successful Eye Exam?

Residents are more relaxed in familiar surroundings where the personnel are accustomed to the resident’s personal preferences and habits.

  • How Can Mobile Eye Care Benefit Nursing Facilities?

We are helping you stay competitive! The quality and choice of services available to a resident is perhaps the most important factor in choosing one particular facility over others: Primary Care, PT, OT, Eye Care, Dentistry, Podiatry, Psychology, Dermatology, Restorative, Respiratory, Dietary, are all needed today. Having an excellent on-site eye care program is an important part of keeping your full-service facility competitive in the growing long-term market!

  • What Happens When We Visit a Facility?

Take a look at our Nursing Home Program Details for more information.

  • What if I Want Information About the Program?

If you have any questions, or if you would like to begin working with our mobile nursing home eye care program, please Contact Us.