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We are open for regular patients, on a one-at-a-time basis.

Read about the hygienic precautions we will be taking to ensure your health and safety by clicking here.

  • Special rules will be explained by the staff when you phone in for an appointment.
  • For those who cannot come in, or wish not to, telehealth appointments are now available as well. Telehealth will require that you own a cellular phone that has video capability, and there will be an app to download to access the service.
  • We can have your contact lenses shipped right to your door! Click here or call 727-345-4035 to order.
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Authorization Forms

We recommend that all long term care residents be screened upon admission to discover any performance deficits that may be linked to eye disease or malfunction. Our Screening Authorization may be downloaded below:

Visual Screening Authorization Form (PDF)

If a resident is known to have an eye disease or functional problem and screening is not necessary, you may use the direct authorization form link below:

Nursing Home Patient Authorization Form (PDF)