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Lifetime Vision Care Summer Update

A lot of our regular patients know that we also serve nursing home patients, but may wonder just how it is that we do it! During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have temporarily suspended that part of our service, so one of the medical carts that we use has been bought into the office to serve emergency wheelchair patients. This photo shows the cart with our mobile microscope and hand instruments on the top, and our computer on the flip-up shelf to the right. In the drawers are other specialized equipment, so that we can provide medical eye services directly to patients even if they are in their nursing home bed! The cart is on wheels, so it can be easily moved to another location when needed.

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I have opened just one drawer in our contact lens room to show just how many options there are. You can see in the other image how many drawers there are in two cabinets, and we have 7 cabinets and overstock. WOW! Having hundreds of lenses to choose from makes it easier for us to find the lens that is best for your two eyes.

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Meet Bailey - Our "spokesmodel dog" sporting some LaCoste frames!

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I wanted to share some photographs showing some of the "behind the scenes" at LVC. We often cut and edge our patients lenses here, and that takes some sophisticated machinery to accomplish. I took some photos the other day of our primary edger in action for you to see. In the first photo, you can see a round lens mounted in the edger and ready to be processed: in the second image, you can see the lens in contact with the edging wheel, lubricated by water, and beginning to take form: in the third photo, the lens has been dramatically reduced in size, and is nearly completed, including a specialized edge that will allow the lens to fit properly in the chosen frame. Each lens is uniquely cut for the frame, and is positioned specifically for the eye that will be wearing it. The fourth photo the lens is completely cut and. completely customized for only one special patient!

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